I am currently employed as a visual journalist at the New Zealand Herald. It is a stimulating role that tackles significant issues and allows me to interact with a diverse range of individuals.
During my career, I have transitioned from being a reporter to a photojournalist and video producer. From covering breaking news events to delving into investigative pieces, I've crafted stories, produced video documentaries, and curated multimedia projects.
The role demands versatility, whether swiftly turning around photos, videos, or articles within a day or diving deep into projects spanning months or even years.
While "visual journalist" encapsulates the essence of my work, my skill set encompasses a broad array of talents, including videography, editing, photojournalism, motion graphics editing, directing, producing, and writing.
The most fulfilling aspect of my job is venturing into the field, tackling challenging assignments, and delivering high-quality work to deadlines.
In 2023, I was asked to temporarily fulfil the Head of Visuals role for the New Zealand Herald, overseeing managing and merging the photography and video teams, handling day-to-day operations, and implementing visual content strategies.
In 2024, I returned to my core role, producing high-quality visual journalism for the New Zealand Herald.
Passionate about my work, I highly regard quality, creativity, and innovation. While accolades have come my way, it's the adventure and purpose of my work I enjoy most.

International Awards / Recognition
Black Gold multimedia project - Most Visually Compelling category of the inaugural Shorthand Awards
All In – best use of video (regional/local) at the International News Media Association’s Global Media Awards

New Zealand Media Awards (Voyager, Canon and Qantas Media Awards
Finalist Photographer of the Year
winner best documentary - 'The brains Trust' - director/camera/co-editing
finalist best photo story/essay 
finalist best feature video - 'alicia o'reilly cold case'
Finalist best editorial Campaign or project - the brains trust
Finalist Videographer of the Year
Winner Best Innovation in Digital Storytelling - 'Fighting the Demon'
Finalist Videographer of the Year
Finalist Best Feature Video
Winner Videographer of the Year
Winner Best Team Video (Under the Bridge)
Finalist Best News Video
Winner Best News Story
Runner-up Videographer of the Year
Winner Best Photo Essay
Winner Best Feature Video
Winner Best Sport Video
Finalist Best News Video
Winner Best Feature Video
Finalist Videographer of the Year
Finalist Best Sport Video
Finalist Best News Video
Finalist Best Editorial Campaign or Project
Winner Best Video
Winner Lost in the Long White Cloud – Best Innovation in Multimedia Storytelling
Winner Best Video
Finalist Our Waikato 100 – Best Innovation in Multimedia Storytelling
Finalist Our Waikato 100 – Best Digital Community Interaction
Finalist  Best Video
Winner  Best Video
Finalist Best Use Of Emerging Technologies
Winner  Best Multimedia / Video Presentation
Winner Sports Photography Portfolio
Finalist Portrait Photography Portfolio

New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year Awards
Winner Build environment 
Finalist Society and Culture
Finalist photo story
Winner in Society and Culture 
New Zealand Press Photographer of the Year Awards winner 
2015 Best Video Story for All In

Fairfax First Editorial Awards for Best Mulitmedia coverage 2012  Winner     
Fairfax First Editorial Awards for Best campaign or special project ‘Our Waikato 100’ 2008  

Community Newspapers Association Awards 2003     
- Best Junior Reporter - 2nd place     
- Best Junior Photographer - 3rd place 

Peter Arnett School of Journalism 2002     
- The Ian Gilmour Award for Journalism Excellence  
- Best Student

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