I currently work for the New Zealand Herald as a visual journalist. It is a stimulating role tackling serious issues and meeting a diverse range of people. 
Visual journalist is broad brush description of my role. If I were to be specific about my varied skills they include videographer, editor, photojournalist and motion graphics editor, director and producer.

For a quick summary of where I come from - this is me.
Grew up in New Zealand’s deep south, part of my heart is still there. Found mountains and climbed them, had an epiphany, went to journalism school, became a writer who took photos, became a photographer who wrote words, became a photographer who made videos, became a visual storyteller. On the way I travelled about trying to make a difference, gathered a wonderful woman, made a family. I enjoy work and love quality, creativity and innovation in equal parts. I’ve won awards but relish adventures more and I keep looking over my shoulder to the deep south wondering if I’ll go looking for that lost part of my heart – no rush though.

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International Awards / Recognition

2017 - Black Gold multimedia project – Most Visually Compelling category of the inaugural Shorthand Awards
                                                                – Buzzfeed’s ‘Top 12 Incredible Photo Stories You Absolutely Can’t Miss’
2016 - All In – best use of video (regional/local) at the International News Media Association’s Global Media Awards

New Zealand Media Awards (Voyager, Canon and Qantas Media Awards)
2021 Finalist Videographer of the Year
2020 Best Innovation in Digital Storytelling
2019 Finalist Videographer of the Year
2019 Finalist Best Feature Video
2018 Winner Videographer of the Year
2018 Winner and finalist Best Team Video (Under the Bridge)
2018 Finalist Best News Video
2017 Winner Best News Story
2017 Runner-up Videographer of the Year
2017 Winner Best Photo Essay
2017 Winner Best Feature Video
2017 Winner Best Sport Video
2017 Finalist Best News Video
2016 Winner Best Feature Video
2016 Finalist Videographer of the Year
2016 Finalist Best Sport Video
2016 Finalist Best News Video
2016 Finalist Best Editorial Campaign or Project
2014 Winner Best Video
2014 Winner Lost in the Long White Cloud – Best Innovation in Multimedia Storytelling
2013 Winner Best Video
2013 Finalist Our Waikato 100 – Best Innovation in Multimedia Storytelling
2013 Finalist Our Waikato 100 – Best Digital Community Interaction
2012 Finalist  Best Video
2011 Winner  Best Video
2011 Finalist Best Use Of Emerging Technologies
2010 Winner  Best Multimedia / Video Presentation
2008 Winner Sports Photography Portfolio
2007 Finalist Portrait Photography Portfolio

Additional awards
2017 New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year awards. Winner in Society and Culture category
2015 New Zealand Press Photographer of the Year Awards winner - Best Video Story for All In
Fairfax First Editorial Awards for Best Mulitmedia coverage 2012  Winner     
Fairfax First Editorial Awards for Best campaign or special project ‘Our Waikato 100’ 2008  
Community Newspapers Association Awards 2003     
- Best Junior Reporter - 2nd place     
- Best Junior Photographer - 3rd place 
Peter Arnett School of Journalism 2002     
- The Ian Gilmour Award for Journalism Excellence  
- Best Student
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