Maddison Blitvich was not expected to make it past Day two. She was born with a complicated combination of medical problems – a failing heart, hydrocephalus (excessive fluid in the brain) and type 2 Pfieffer Syndrome, a rare genetic condition that affects one in 100,000 births and is characterised by a clover-shaped skull.
Her distorted facial features – a prominent forehead and bulging, wide-set eyes – are the result of craniosynostosis, the premature fusion of skull bones which means Maddie’s head has not been able to grow normally.
In the supermarket, adults stare; at the cardiologist’s small children ask their parents about the monster in the room.
But her nature is one of caring and joy and she is teaching the people who know her how to love themselves whatever insecurities they have.
Girl Wonder holds an important message for everyone and is a tribute to wonderful spirit.

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