The Brains Trust is a compelling six-part documentary shedding light on Dementia in New Zealand. This disease stands as one of New Zealand's most significant yet poorly understood health challenges. With our population steadily aging, the prevalence of dementia is increasing rapidly, touching the lives of almost everyone, either directly or indirectly.
However, despite its widespread impact, dementia remains a topic seldom discussed. The reluctance to address it is understandable, given the pain it often entails. Many patients find themselves unrecognisable to their own children and grandchildren as they regress to a child-like state, holding onto memories from their youth. Family members can only watch helplessly as their loved ones slip away, struggling with basic daily tasks and becoming increasingly frustrated and frightened.
Mike and senior journalist Carolyne Meng-Yee, recognised the need to confront the "D-word," and embarked on The Brains Trust video series supported by New Zealand On Air. In her article, Meng-Yee recounts the journey to demystify dementia, sharing the stories of devoted caregivers and scientists striving for a cure. For both Mike and Carolyne, this endeavor was deeply personal.
Mike served as this project's director, co-editor, and primary cameraperson.
The Brains Trust won best documentary at the 2022 Voyager Media Awards and was a finalist in the Best Campaign or Project Category. 

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